Sept 2013 accounts

This blog is to remind me how faithful Jesus is in my life

  • Took a wrong turn and was on my way to Spore with a blinking petrol tank. Worse still, it was Jam on both sides of the traffic. God was faithful that we made it into Spore and pump just enough fuel to get back out after work. Oh… had a SGD 2 rebate. 🙂
  • Found that laptop warranty over by a month when needed to replace a hardware. Was told that it needed 2 weeks to send the parts and need to pay RM 100 to send someone over to fix it. God was faithful in sending the parts in 3 days and my occasional visited computer shop fixed it for me for free.
  • Hurt my back just because of a sneeze. Went to the hospital for a jab, xray and chose not to admit into hospital. I really thought i was a hero! I was in bed for a good full 4 days but later in bed for 2+1 weeks with limited travelling. God was faithful in not paralyzing me and brought me to a cheaper, effective physio and lots of rest and i didn’t need to drop out from my company’s China Trip
  • I couldn’t work for 3 -4 weeks due to my back as i can’t drive much. Thus i have no income generated due to the nature of my work. God was faithful that i didn’t lose my job and had enough for monthly commitments.
  • My samsung somewhat slip off my hand n cracked the screen. Was told they need 2 days to fix. God was faithful in letting me fix in 2 hours but at full cost of RM 500+
  • My car was stopped by the police at 3AM when was coming back from sending the students back from the hospital. Caught for: having 6 people in the car. God was faithful when we decided not to give in to bribe. How we got off: the police car that stop us did not have the ticket book with them. Hilarious but true. 
  • Car got tow for illegal parking (serve me right). God was faithful that i paid the ticket for “rayuan” price.
  • 2 of My car tyre were flatten by suspected employees from Giant. Having one spare tyre just didn’t cut it at that time. God was faithful that it was just out of air, no replacement of tyres needed. Bro drives the same car as me to come to my rescue.
  • My flight to China had my worst turbulence experience. It was as good as 6 flags (exaggerated)!!! With sounding and blinking fasten seat belt sign, people screaming and falling food items. 3 drops…. God was faithful that it was just a turbulence and a safe trip.

For all the inconvenience and extra cost that i had to endure through. God sure did saved me more money than that. Just imagine how much more do i have to spend if it wasn’t for his faithfulness… Some ask me how did i response to all that that happened. Yes, a little frustrated entering the 3rd week of rest and restless because i am someone who cannot stay still at home… but i was not blaming anyone and i was calm. I think i realise what it means to be still know that He is God.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever… FAITHFUL!

He too send me family and friends to care, support and love me.


2 Responses to Sept 2013 accounts

  1. Joe says:

    I hurt my back too while watering the plants. I woke up and straight away went to the garden and was trying to grab a pail, when all of a sudden, I felt a sharp pain shot through back, and I couldn’t move my back a bit without hurting. It was like I was frozen to that position, moving would be too painful. Took a lot of time to get over it. Could’t really sit or cough, as any slight movement will hurt. Was yours like that?

    • 9lin says:

      hello joe. took me a month to recover. to be able to drive without pain again. Gone through alot of session of massages and try walking in water and swim if you can. i do feel better after swim. I should really exercise…. i hope your back is feeling better already.

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