Waving goodbye to 2012

Merry Christmas,

There was a prompting today to look back on this blog. A blog that had upgraded much that i barely know how to use it anymore. This blog had charted my early days of working life. A blog that had trailed my life adventures when there were much curiosity, excitement and naive ignorance. A blog that express the hugging on THIS Hope to make an impact to the people around me, the Hope that accelerate me to make a difference in what I do.

Today, i re-read some of my writings and how it had evolved and how uninteresting it had became. It has now been a library of summary of books i read or notes to remember. Not because my life had been less interesting, but the level of curiosity, excitement and naive ignorance are different.

I did a quick comparison on my thanksgiving list written on Christmas 2009 with 2012. Some moments are similar, some areas had broaden, some areas had shrunk, some had subtracted, some had added and some moments are different. Many situations are different. Many relationships and friendships are different. Many schedules, roles and expectations are different.

But one thing remains…

…the way i hug on THIS one hope that never wavers. Thank you Jesus for coming to give hope to the hopeless. You are the reason we celebrate today. And i can’t thank you enough for accepting and not giving up on this package of me…

This song is for you guys. May 2013 be a year we continue to put hope on Him…

ps: i hope the song is attached… like i said, i don’t really know how wordpress works anymore. IF it doesn’t, just you tube : You Still Love by Relent.


2 Responses to Waving goodbye to 2012

  1. Jasmine says:

    Hi 9lin, I still follow your writings, find it encouraging. I also still have the little present you gave me for my 2010 birthday. When I look at it I remember the good qualities I see in you.

  2. 9lin says:

    Hi Jasmine… thanks! which present? it is the cute thing on 4 wheels? 😛

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