I wish Insurance is…

I wish Insurance is cute, so those who like cute things will scream when sees it.
I wish Insurance is cool, so those who are cool and steady are interested in it.

I wish Insurance is pretty and beautiful, so heads will turn and want to check it out.
I wish Insurance is sweet, so people will melt when sees it
I wish Insurance bring adrenaline rush like “Diablo”, so those who like kicks can have a taste of it.

Too bad Insurance isn’t any of that to make people fascinated about.

But I think;

Insurance is cute if everybody brings me condolences and someone bringing my family a cheque of future assurance sheepishly

Insurance is cool when I could have been scattering around looking for money for my medical fees.

Insurance is pretty and beautiful when a daughter’s eyes are in tears thanking that their parents for making her dream come through.

Insurance is sweet when a husband leaves behind his continuing promise of love rather than debts.

Insurance is the adrenaline rush when you can’t wait to break the news to your family that everybody in your family is going to your eldest son’s graduation overseas.

Insurance is your own desired future written sequencing from the decision you make today.

Written by Kong Nai Lin (4 July 2012)


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