After Sydney 2007 testimony

I was cleaning my room and throwing out papers that i haven’t read in a long time and found a testimony that i shared after my sydney, Hillsong trip in 2007 ( this shows i really KEEP things !) I thought it’s good to remind myself everytime God spoke… So… here it is…

That night when i landed in KL, my check in luggage got lost. With the different drama that was happening, God spoke to me… ” you are suppose to bring back the fire and excitement of My presence and word. Not the excitement of gifts in that bag…” So, to cut the story short, i got my luggage back the next day. and here’s is what God had asked me to bring back…

Have you ever felt the piercing in your heart when you are hurt? THat was exactly how i felt during a good 30 mins in one of the session when the Speaker spoke bout being an armour bearer. 1 sam 14:7- Whatever you decide, i’m with you completely…” it hurts me cos i felt the hurt of my pastors/ leaders heart when i imagine myself happily in my comfort zone not wanting to budge when they are giving God their ” whatever it takes” for our generation.

The speaker went on by saying “God gives Pastors dreams and visions for the church. and we, the church/the bearer/ the pillar are called to close the gap of our Pastor’s vision that is given by God,”

Who our pastors do not need are: 

  1. people who are full of their own opinion and comments
  2. Ministries/ lifegroups that do not run in the same vision as the church
  3. people who are ignorant/ indifferent
  4. people who are mere talkers- God do no delight in those who do not fulfill their vows

 Who our pastors need are people who: 

  1. own and serve the vision
  2. with a big heart to give and build the church together
  3. are responsible and reliable
  4. eat, sleep, talk, think, pray the vision
  5. people who will say “whatever you decide, i am with you completely”

These are the armour bearers…Armour bearers knows which weapon to use when they go out for battle.

Last year (2006), my next level was obedience. A lot of steps of growth and aligning of my life and attitude is because of obedience. I will do it, no questions asked… but i will do minimal. I was doing out of responsibility and not commitment. I felt God pierced so hard in my heart that  i knew being an armour bearer is my this year “next level”.  It is not out of convenience , but commitment 

The word had challenged me, and i want to challenge all of u sitting in this house to ponder  together :

– are you running towards the same vision as this house which you call YOUR church?
– are your heartbeats beating together with pastors?
– are you the armour bearer to our pastor/ leaders?
– can you look into our pastors/ leaders eyes and tell them, “pastor, i want to be your armour bearer, whatever you decide, i’m with you completely?” 

The next morning, in the conference , Pastor Tim so happen to sit next to me . After the word, I humble myself before God and repent. Then , i turned to Pastor with tears in my eyes and that was exactly what i said to Pastor Tim.

Can i just encourage you tonight? Go to our pastors, and leaders.. encourage them by telling them you want to be an armour bearer. But make sure u mean them!


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