Level Up

Have you ever play games with scores like bejewels? Recently i have bee on this game call diamond dash. And i found myself intrigue by the whole gaming process

when i first started playing, my score hits only 50,000 for quite some rounds. but the #1 leading has 600,000 of scores. So, i thought- maybe if i click faster and have more combos then i can advance some pointers… then i found myself at the 150,000 scores.. stuck there for a couple of more rounds. I’m trying to think a bit more how did the #1 score so high! i was thinking there must be a trick or something. So i googled and read that one of the trick is to not click the wrong combination as it not only minuses points , but it has the highest bonus points. OHhhhhh….. smarter now…

then i advanced to the 200,000 mark by carefully clicking on the same combo and find myself hitting the 200,000 mark without difficulties and my scored had never went below 50,000. I was in the 200-250,000 (if i click faster) mark for a longer period now… then again curious and google again. this time, i decided to search at your tube. AND no tricks i saw how a player scored 700,000 without tricks!! but the speed he was going was crazy fast!! i didn’t know it was possible to be that fast!

So, i tried.. and WAHLAH! 300,000!! 400,000!! and my score never came down below 100,000.  Tho i have not manage to hit 600 or 700,000, something came pass my mind..

  1. During our entry in anything (ministry, work, college) , our potential for growth is massive. If i hasn’t seen the #1 scored of 600,000, i wouldn’t have known that there is a possibility to have room to reach that.
  2. When we are better at something,(in terms of skills, ability and experience), we never want to go back to where we were when we started. being at  200,000, scoring 50,000 for me i feel i’m so lousy..
  3. We will come to a point where there will be road blocks… we NEED to find ways to breakthrough.
  4. When found how others do it, try it.. again.. n again.
  5. We will then meet roadblocks again.. repeat step 3…

all i know is, when we advance, we don’t wan to look back… at least for me in this game.. or ministry or work… I wan to keep leveling up. even when the weekly challenge restart, I choose to always choose to leveling… I hope i can, I want to, I desire to and I pray for that to take place….


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