Where is my 24 hours!?

All of us have the same 24 hours. But how come some gets more things done than others? MANY times, if not everyday i wish have more hours.. Recently at Mont Kiara, Wedgewood service apartment attending a leaders retreat, i was taught 14 new ideas that i can better manage my time.

  1. Schedule patterns– Set schedule patterns. Help consistency.. track your time.
  2. Strategic – leverage resources, dinner.
  3. System (doing the heavy work in front, follow thru according to it) – Reminders, birthdays, travelling timing, auto pay administrative things (bills)
  4. Skill/ learning– “knowledge is power” can do things faster, be excellent, rehearse in the car,podcast, read
  5. Sacrifice
  6. Support – from all levels, help you do something better, delegate some work (housework-maid etc), verify responsibility
  7. Stubbornly focus– attitude
  8. Staying the coarse– staying on the coarse avoids distraction
  9. Stay fresh– enjoy life
  10. Stretch– bigger, stronger, cannot afford to stay the same
  11. Season awareness– transition, build, equip,
  12. Set priority– somethings you over see, somethings you over look
  13. Scale down your life– don’t do things that you cannot sustain everything that brings me close to God’s purpose is a yes, everything that brings me further is a no.
  14. Self- Motivate– self govern and motivated to do it.

I continue to want to be better…



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