8 days left- Palmy to Taupo to Rotorua

8 more days- Palmy to Taupo to Rotorua

This is one of the more interesting day…

  • Ride on a really nice looking, comfortable Blue Ford Falcon XR6…solid…
  • Finally saw a snow cap on Mt.Ruapehu . I have been telling Jorhan there is no snow in this side of NZ! He just proven me wrong…
  • Still no sheeps rolling down the hill. More cows…. More sheeps.
  • Lake Taupo is as big is Spore!!! It’s really nice… Worth to stay a night here but we dinner and continue driving to Rotorua.
  • Rotorua smells like rotten egg… When in car smells like somebody farted after eating egg… why cos it’s a sulfuric town
  • We stayed at YHA and we had an expressed dinner family cook out at the shared kitchen. Family kinda like the idea of having an open kitchen. Not so lonely cooking!
  • Went to Polynesian Spa…it was REALLY relaxing and hot. It was open air… but it was a little cloudy thus no stars. But the 41 degrees spa pool oversees the lake. We went for the 7 different types of pool package.
  • I have nominated my dad and my bro, shawn as the 2 that loves taking photos the most!
  • We slept so soundly and early after that and left our poor italian roommate….(to be continue)

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