Day 8- Nai Chen’s Graduation

Day 8 : Palmy and Nai Chen’s Graduation…

  1. Younger bro is all grown up! J now the whole house are graduates.. except for Kristen and Shane that is
  2. Went to take a family photo. Interesting… I always look odd in studio photos. It’s ok I guess.. Just look at the whole outcome. It’s still great!
  3. Had a hard time packing
  4. Had chinese buffet dinner with Nai Chen’s OCF friends. They are all very friendly and warm people to be with. I remember when Nai Chen was posted to Palmy, he was asking why did God send him here. After tonight, after hearing all the different lives from different countries that God  had changed thru his obedience to continue to help others discover Jesus and grow in Him… I believe when he look back at this 4 years, he understood completely why he is here from…
  5. Visited Massey University… nice
  6. Tho it’s really nice here… I want to go home already.  I’m only half way thru my trip…

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