Palmy – At Square…

Day 6: Palmy

  1. Went to botanica garden when dad and shawn. It was nice. Apparently there are 97 types of roses there. Saw many fully bloomed roses. All sorts of colours… nice…
  2. Went to the river side.. houses there is niceJ
  3. Mum revamped Nai Chen’s room. Mum does that to our rooms all the time when she comes for visit.
  4. Attended Min Yu’s Graduation at Palmy Square. It was COLD! But it was really nice celebrating with her. Thinking back 4 years ago, wouldn’t have imagine will be attending her graduation today!
  5. Met up with my primary one friend- Joanne. Was great catch up! Haven’t seen her for ages!
  6. Had dinner with some of Nai Chen’s friends. Was really interesting as we talked like old friends…
  7. Had “supper” – tea with Hui. A new friend I met. Again, was interesting to know her more.
  8. Love today… restful.
  9. NZ news: 2 New Zealand airline flight was force to land due to oil leak and engine problem. Christchurch had 5.3 earthquake…  😦

One Response to Palmy – At Square…

  1. carissa says:

    Hey 9lin!

    Sounds like u’re having a goood goood time! :)) must add pics when u can! teehee! i’ve missed u! hope all is well there.

    and send my congrats to 9chen for his graduation! 🙂

    hugs! xx

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