Welly to Napier…

Today is day 4. I finally see the sun. my nose got sun burnt! Best weather thus far. We are off from Wellington, Nai Chen took us on a drive to Napier passing through Palmy. Few things amazed me:

  1. I love Oriental Bay at Welly. The water, the waves, the wind! I LIKE!
  2. The hills, the greens, the sheeps and cows along the way is like TV or photos that you see. Next time when a kid colour the hill very green, she must have been to NZ 😛
  3. Ate BIG burger- Burger fuel. Interesting. I still like L&P J
  4. Hosted by Esther’s family. Had a really nice dinner and a great time catching up with her family without her. Love the apple crumbles dessert that wei-yan baked. Yums!
  5. Stayed in the flat (below Esther’s house), It was beautifully done up! Like really! It’s like a guest house…

The white waves- green, blue water…
The hills- green, brown, yellow….
The tree leaves- green, brown, yellow, red…
The sky- blue, white, grey,orange,purple…

How amazing is the painter of this universe….


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