Wellington Day2

Today marked day 2 in NZ, Wellington. Few events I remember more vividly bout this trip. All in point form.

  1. 11 hours, midnight flight without movies to watch isn’t that bad. What is, is sitting next to a wailing baby feeling so cold that you can’t feel your legs anymore. Tip: bring/wear along thermo. I glad I’m smart enough to bring a big enough scarf to make it my blanket on AirAsia flight.
  2. A Japanese asked me if I’m Japanese to ask for directions at Christchurch Airport J J  Hmm… I think it’s my fair skin and black frame glasses. Ahah
  3. Staying in a nice cottage motel. 3 bedrooms… comfy and nice. Most importantly, got my saviour- heater 😛
  4. Learn to appreciate COKE a lot more back home. It’s sold 600ml for $4 here! But I had grew found of a NZ soft drinks called L&P.
  5. Noodle Canteen (Chinese food) here is yummy! Met a Kuchingnite here…
  6. I kinda like the cool breeze better than I thought. Perhaps the thermo helped….
  7. Mum is happiest when groceries shopping when she saw the greens and fruits.
  8. There is REALLY A LOT of types of bread!
  9. Te papa is well-done, well-maintained… nice.
  10. Survived being a tour guide for parents without bros…

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