Best Experience in LA

Today, LA rains whole day and is still raining now.
The traffic was bad after I knock off from office. When I reach downtown LA.
I only saw 2 people from church, pastor Que and Edward, then the whole
small group people arrive.
There is a small tent already setup and we just gather in it. The
rains is still pouring down as he begin to preach.
As more people come we setup another tent. That the time I start to
get more wet. When they start serving food, more people came.
It was so cold and wet. The food just smell so good... :) So I just
gather people to get the food behind the lines. They were all kind of
people, young, hispanic, black, white hair old man, lady, man from NY
and a man from Dakota. I talked to the guy from Dakota about how he
going to sleep in the rains and how he keep warm and dry.

when the food has finished, we clean up and gather and pray. Then an
old lady just came and stand beside me. I asked for her to join us in
prayer. then I wrap my arm around her. as I am standing very close to
her.. I can smell her unshower body.. I can't imagine how long she
haven't took a shower. After pastor prayed, she just thank us for
doing what we doing even in the rains. When everything are done, I
quickly walk into my car and set my car heater on at full blast :)
even my socks are wet.

I questioned myself why they are poor and homeless when I am driving
back. I just got to know a people of faithful people already doing
this for past 4 years, coming to 5th year now.. God people are just so
amazing!! and thank God for how bless I am.
They don't do it for pride or money.. they just simply obey..

Now I am thinking whether I should commit to help out twice a month.
(courteously of Lau Jor Han)



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