on this book…

by Marco Robinson… on sales…

  1. 90% of your success will come down to how well you communicate and how well you use the words in your vocabulary. That will determine how well you can sell an idea and at the same time make complete sense.
  2. You should feel naturally right cos you have givensomething that they wanted/need to improve ther lives. There will than thank you and refer you to another friend. Make sure it benefits them.
  3. You can only sell successfully when you have mastered your attitude.
  4. Results comes from action- what you are doing and not doing now affects your bank account.
  5. What you focus on will expand
  6. In any communication between 2 people, it is the one with the most certainty who will always influence the other- anthony robbins
  7. Ask the correct question- How to succeed??? rather than why can’t i do think… why didn’t i do that…

This blog has always been my journey of learning and sharing my life and experience… since i’m in the service line, sales is something i do. Thus… I’m learning how to sell … 🙂


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