What’s worthwhile…?

Sometimes i wonder what i do is worth it and if anything is going to come out from it. But many times i do it anyway! Sometimes i wonder what i do even worth anything at all! Maybe that’s why I always feel I didn’t do much or haven’t done much…

But sometimes, i know it’s worth every bit of it when I start to think back, give thanks and list down things as per below happened…

– received a facebook message saying that a student want to discuss something with me regarding purpose in her life even when i thought i lost touch and impact in her life. I’m happy to know, in time of distress, i’m the one she look for.

– received a call at 6:30am when her brother got into an accident and wanted to ask about insurance because i’m the only person she knows that does insurance. Best part, i’m not even their family agent! I’m honoured that in urgent time of need, i’m the one they call.

– received a call from a parent of a student I used to coach bball for, telling me how much his daughter had looked up to me and would listen to me even after 2 years not meeting the daughter. I’m trilled that in time of relating between parents and daughter, I can be the peacemaker.

– received a text that says – ” it feels good not smoking!” I’m stunned that a simple thoughtful concern telling her to quit, she did.

– received a long fb message that wrote to appreciate what i did for her during her years in KL and now she is overseas and still learning and growing in faith and as a person. I’m just so proud of her.

– received a call for meet up from a student who just came back for holiday from overseas excited to meet me to share what he had been doing. I’m just amazed to see how much he had grown to love God and people more.

There are much more that I have received along the way that had lifted my heart thru my hard moments and had accompanied me thru different phases.. If you who is reading this knows some of my similar stories that are not written above, please feel free to help me add…

I shared this not because i am boasting or looking for some sort of recognition. I just needed to blog so that I will remember, it is always worthwhile to invest into other people’s life because life is REALLY NOT ABOUT US… It’s about Jesus and Jesus is all about loving people… “do everything in love”- 1 cort 16:14


One Response to What’s worthwhile…?

  1. jun says:

    that you’ve made my uni life so much more colorful, and for sowing into my life in spite of ur busy-ness. =p always thankful, always grateful. =D

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