Anger danger…

Heard Pastor Tim preach today and thought I want to put it here so that when i read back my blogs if i ever i’ll come across this…


  • easily lead us to sin- Cain
  • provides foothold for the enemy
  • hinders our prayer life- 1 Tim 2:8
  • forfeits your leadership- Mosses
  • invites folly – Prov 14:29
  • drives friends away- Prov22:24
  • breeds a life of calamity – Prov 19:19

How to overcome anger…

  • Rule our emotion with the Holy Spirit assistance- Gal 5:22-23
  • Maintain a habit of forgiveness (be ready to forgive)
  • Learn to back down, pause and walk away
  • Allow the word of God to work in us- 1 Thess 2:13

Powerful side notes:

  • anger will never ever produce any righteousness of God
  • anger destroyed more marriages than affairs
  • if you cannot control your spirit/ emotion, you are like a city without walls.
  • you can never be a person/ family of influence with anger in your life.

3 Responses to Anger danger…

  1. Suleen says:

    Dropped by your blog cause I suddenly thought of yew (:
    Awesome advice. Useful (really need to handle my anger issues) xixi 😀
    take care.


    • 9lin says:

      hey.. thanks for thinking of me. Don’t la just think, let’s come out for a drink 😛
      hugs n kisses.. my number didn’t change.. text me please?

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