3% and goals

Only three percent of adults have written goals, and everyone else works for them. -Brian Tracy

Read this on a friend’s fb twitter and it caught my eyes… Just got me thinking..

Goals can be of many types- physical goals, career goals, financial goals, personal goals….

Very interesting thought… specially when someone shared with me this – “sales are for people who dunno how to study”.

I dunno if i should smile or be offended… and i found myself smiling 🙂


5 Responses to 3% and goals

  1. carissa says:

    No way!

    Sales are for people with guts who are able to face the world, the world’s most difficult problem; people, accept rejection and still be good at what they do and do it every single day because they actually truly believe in the products they sell.

    So smiling is good. it means u’re ahead of the game. 🙂


  2. stella says:

    and engineering’s for people who only knows how to study >.< or those who have no other choice, like me =( boring internship! i hardly get to say a word all day. bluekss

    • 9lin says:

      hello carissa: keep smiling…
      stella: sometimes when it’s no choice.. it’s still a choice how u want to live your life! 🙂 when are u finishin intern n grad? 🙂 Thanks for dropping in

  3. stella says:

    hey nai lin.. i forgot that i commented.. haha =P will finish my intern 9th july, and 1 more year to go before I grad. well, to live or not to live is also a choice, right? =P i have a feeling I won’t be an engineer, but my time spent in degree will not go to waste. sure got ways to put them to use =P

    How are you? Take care, and God bless =)

    • 9lin says:

      Stella, it is more wasteful to stay in something that doesn’t help you push forward, pressed forward towards what you call purposeful, fulfilling and excited bout every single day… 🙂 When in the world are we meeting???? 😛

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