Competant is an element of success.

As writer John C. Maxwell said, competency is one of the element of success… here is wad i’m doing…

I’m Self Studying for the Registered Financial Planner (RFP) Programme. Many of you have no time to study these.. So, I will study and share it with you guys! 🙂

This RFP programme has 8 paper modules. After i finish, i will graduate for the 2nd time. eheh.. So far last Dec 09, i’ve took the first paper and i’m expecting myself to do at least 3 papers this year and try to finish off by 2011. TRY la!More than just a cert la..but I want to understand how to manage financially better la.. for myself and for the people that I will come across with.

This is just one of my ways to sharpen my competency for what I do. We too have to sharpen our competency in our spiritual life, character, social life, self development life (like cooking :P) and just LIVING the LIFE with a purpose!

I’m learning how…


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