Mummy’s Curry Chicken Receipe

Here’s mummy’s curry chicken receipe I want to remember and share…

Step by Step:

  1. Blend and mix Chilli, Garlic, red onion and big onion
  2. Fry cut cube potatos.
  3. Boil a pot of water at the other pot
  4. Fry blended items with not too big fire with curry powder and curry leaf for about 20 minutes and you can smell NICE aroma
  5. Fry the chicken together with the spice. Make sure don’t burn the bottom of the wok. Control fire. for a short while
  6. Put chicken and spice all into the boiling pot and stir until cook for bout 20 mins
  7. Put salt and sugar and a little bit of light soy sauce
  8. Add brinjal, ladies fingers, tauhu and wadever u want la..
  9. pour milk
  10. stir…..


Well i’ve not tried it without my mum yet tho.. haha.. I think it should be fine..

Oh. have you seen a lady’s fingers “tree” before?? My dad had a few behind my house and somehow the breed is REALLY huge! look!


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