What have i been doing?

I have been changing my world… HOW?

it begins in Kuching.

hard for me to explain.. but it’s all hereherehere.…..here for video….and here for teaser

We’ve been to 10 churches, 8 schools… impacted more than 1200 students for this cause….

Boils down to this gathering on the 30th Jan 2010 at inti college kuching at 6pm, tickets at RM20.. for a life changing experience…

I’m overwhelmed, I’m exhausted but I’m encouraged when i see students stepping out to make  change, I’m fulfilled when i see students inspired to want to make a difference, I’m at all praised knowing that God is in this place…

If you are 15-25 of age in Kuching and u havent heard bout Change Your World, you have to call me… u CANNOT miss this….

He’s the God of this CITY……


One Response to What have i been doing?

  1. Millie says:

    =) u made a difference, u made it happen, u stepped out to do something =) im sure God is pleased and happy. You changed alot of lives out there including mine because of him =)

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