WOW 2009 ALMOST over

Hey guys, How’s your year?

This year honestly I felt time really flew by really fast… I didn’t felt that I had June-Oct… but I had. Well, It was a very GOOD and tough year for me to be honest… Let’s see what are the few things i remember off head I thought God was so good to me…

My 2009

  1. Places i’ve visited- Kuching, KL, Macau, Redang, Langkawi, Genting, Ipoh, Lundu beach, Damai beach, Penang Hard Rock Hotel
  2. Self development trainings- Self image development, sales training, leadership meetings, ministry meetings, dating workshop :P, Financial planning training
  3. Books- quite a few… I will write them down 2010.. this year didn’t keep track. haha
  4. Seeing 2 campus students i help oversee come to know Christ.
  5. 6 campus students had graduated and are leaving overseas
  6. Helped a high school girl in a journey of discovering God
  7. Organized Eaglepoint Damansara 1st church camp for 50 people with an amazing team!
  8. Career advancement: changed job from and IT consulting firm to the Insurance Industry with ING
  9. Hit my sale goal quota 🙂
  10. recovering from thoughts that were messing me up (during my MIA period from the blog)
  11. Had more time to meet up with friends and old friends which i love
  12. Got some awards and incentives for work
  13. Flew in the plane more than 10 times 😦 I still do not like bumpy rides…
  14. Missed my dance ministry tho i co-choreo 2 short songs 😛 or was it just 1?
  15. Miss my great ushering partner in church
  16. played more bball in a year than in the last 4 years
  17. Finally played in a 2 bball competitions after 5 years
  18. loved by friends
  19. blessed by God
  20. enjoy watchin Kristen grow up
  21. coached by parents
  22. found a Christian role model in insurance industry
  23. Offended some friends but Restored some friendships
  24. Made some stupid mistakes… but gained experience to not do it again
  25. Currently on-going organizing a program called change your world in Kuching targeting for 1000 students between age 15-25…

Each incident whether it’s happy or sad, I’m sure there are more to thank God for and praise Him but that’s all for now…

Merry Christmas all… It’s a day to remember Him..


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