I just came back from Yes Retreat, Lundu. Was there with my company group- UNISON. It’s a nice place! Rather unexpected! Small and cozy.  We had a great time. Sometimes older aunties IS more energatic and ridiculously hilarious!


One of the many things we did there was tug of war. I couldn’t remember the last time when I played. Since it was my first company outing with time company, there’s alot of people whom I dunno specially when many of them are part-timers. But the beauty of it was once we play games, as long as we are in the same team, we are best buddies and played our best.

When I was watching and In the whole tug of war thing happening, I watched how teams strategically position who’s predicted to be stronger to stand where..Normally they put the strongest behind and in front. But I find each strength is equally important. and anyway…As I watch each hands securely locked on the rope, and feet dug deep into the sand in the ready position… The rope strained and both teams pull with their might.. One team was slightly physically weaker. But each of them hanged on.. each other them were pulled to the front started losing. But the leader in front hung on… shouted to pull in unity. hung on to the rope refusing to let go.. falling n getting up diggin his feet to the sand for balance.. his team mates continue to pull.. it was a long pull, the stronger team is also getting weaker.. then they took the chance to pull over and won the game..

tug of war

For this, the only thing i learnt was – Even though it was so painful, straining, slipping, losing balance, cuts on the palms, falling down and getting up, just HANG ON, DON’T LET GO- eventually you will win it over. I think in life many times I’m at a tug of war situation, specially when Iam learning to juggle between work, ministry, friends and leisure… i may be all the above feeling… It’s a reminder for me that i know Jesus is on my team.. All I need is not to let go… Keep hanging on and keep pulling…

“You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.”- Hebrew 10:36

ps: I was actually at the strong team side and lost that match…






3 Responses to Tug-Of-War

  1. ahlost says:

    Wootz.. I want family outing too 😉

  2. 9lin says:

    ahah.. Rose… yours also should have one… just as long as you request sure have one! 😛

  3. ahlost says:

    They have it every year.. Just that it’s always the wrong timing then I couldn’t join..

    It would be great if we’ve combined ones 😀

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