Lesson from another Bball game

Last Weekend, I manage to play 2 hours of bball before rushing over to the airport to catch my flight back to KL. Why the rush? Cos i need to exercise and I need to release a little bit of my tension-ness… I played… with my heart… but i have to admit the inconsistant playing and training really make me suck! but then again i did enjoy the game…


When I was on the bench resting, I noticed somethings. our game started a little bit slow.. with slow jogs and walks.. Soon after one or 2 people starts to pick up the pace and gave a momentum of offence. Defends starts to tighten up, walled up. Focus starts to build… then it’s ROCK & ROLL time.. you will see 3 points going into the baskets, you see beautiful passes being assist into the basket, you see fantastic defends challenging opponent, you see turnovers and fastbreaks happening. The game became ALIVE!! It’s heart pumping just watching that. Being IN the game too gave me boost to drive thru the game… then i hurt my elbow again..but that’s the least noticed!

It reminded me bout MANY times in our lives… when things are little bit slow, comfortable and safe.. But the moment a new thing is injected into our spirit, something in us just became ALIVE! It can be a new found hobby, a new found friend, a new found food place, a new found passion, a new relationship, a new idea of advancing ourselves or a hope of change. It sparked up something in us! I dunno bout you, but i always know this feeling… but sometimes even when we have these new things, we CHOOSE to just remain walking, slow jogging in the game…

I challenge you as much as I challenge myself, make a choice in your life to be the first 2 people to pick up the pace and give a momentum to change not only a game worth playing but a game worth watching!



4 Responses to Lesson from another Bball game

  1. vans says:

    i accept yr challenge

  2. Happy says:

    eh eh, where’s my invite?

  3. 9lin says:

    everybody is invited! come come!

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