Baby baptism + Salvation

This morning is my first time to witness a friend’s baby boy’s baptism at a catholic church tho I’ve seen baby dedication in my church. I can’t help but when i walked into the church, seeing so many babies with proud parents made me smile so much. Some are a little bit naughty some look like angels.

The priest preached on being a responsible parent and how they should model good habits and good characters and value as the children models what instilled into their head.

All in all, I just remembered I was at all smiles…

This evening I got a text from my pastor and it made my heart leap. A campus student that had joined us in church like a family for a year had finally took a step of faith to recieve Jesus into her life. The whole heaven rejoices!! Woohoo!! I believe besides God being the center of reason, I believe it’s the people that touched her life helping her to engage her questions and walk with her journey. I thank you for your prayer and determination to follow up with her, loving her and teaching her how to be like Christ! YH n JT , YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

That made my day…….


3 Responses to Baby baptism + Salvation

  1. Calvin says:

    I received the message personally from her! I’m so glad=) Rejoicing with heaven!

  2. ghastkill says:

    hello am encouraged by ur post! i have very similiar events lately! see u soon!

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