Big Head!

I was just thinking bout my M.I.A seasons and the things i’ve done, enjoyed, gone through, said, heard, been…i’ll blog (hopefully) when it’s appropriately inspired, ok?

Last couple of days. Few things happenned:

  • a good friend of mine crash at my place for 2 days. We talked till late…
  • played bball with my injured elbow…still feels good
  • Ate Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks for the 3rd time in 3 weeks
  • Found out my new found nice food place closed down <- this is sad ok…
  • Did some of my blogged items:
  1. Serviced my car and found out my engine oil leaking…will have to bring back again month end. cannot afford to leave it there 3 days.
  2. “fixed” my toe and elbow but ended up wrapped in herbs and then my arm swell and have rashes. I suspect maybe the herbs is soaked in alcohol which i am allergy to.
  3. Met up with 2 friends that I haven’t met for probably 3 years. our next outing-redbox. I told her i’ll just cheer!
  • KBU fellas are back and we learnt bout the 5 love languages in our human needs to help us love our neighbours and love ourselves more effectively. We ate mooncakes and played lantern and the KDU + HELP fellas joined us! đŸ™‚
  • A sudden love for big head…CROCS.

Dance Dance Dance…. tomorrow… FIREPROOF TOMORROW!


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