Right mental attitude

  • If you work only for a salary you will get one, but it will probably be small. If you work for the betterment of the company you represent, not only will get a bigger salary, but you will get personal satisfaction as well as repoect from your colleagues. Your contribution to your company will be infinitely greater, which means that your personal and professional rewards will be greater
  • If you strive to make a sale, you probably make it. Strive to make the sale in such a way that you build a career and you will sell even more and build your career in the process
  • If you are a student and you study for grades, you will get them. But if study for knowledge, you will get even better grades and considerable more knowledge.
  • Several years ago on an extremely hot day, a crew of men were workgin on the road bed of the railroad when they were interrupted by a slow moving train. The train ground to a stop and a window in the last car- which incidentally was custom made and air conditioned- was raised. A booming, friendly voice called out, “Dave, is that you?” Dave Anderson, the crew chief called back, “Sure is, Jim, and it’s really good to see you.” With that pleasant¬† exchange, Dave Anderson was invited to join Jim Murphy, the president of the railroad, for a visit. For over an hour the men exchanged pleasantries and then shook hands warmly as the train pulled out.

    Dave Anderson’s crew immediately surrounded him and expressednastonishment that he knew Jim, the president of the railroad, as a personal friend. Dave then explained that 23 years earlier he and Jim had stared work at the railroad on the same day. One of the men half jokingly and hald seriously asked Dave why he was sitll working out in the hot sun and Jim had gotten to be president. Rather wistfully, Dave explained, “23 years ago i went to work for $1.75 an hour and Jim went to work for the railroad.”

    – story from See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar

    It’s a story that all of us should start thinking which are we or want to become…


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