It’s June

I just realised it’s half the year of 2009 already… 2009 had been a year of changes and new adventures for me. I’m still learning how to cope, how to adjust, how to surf thru it beautifully on the waves rather than letting the waves crush me…


5 Responses to It’s June

  1. Ignatius says:

    so busy until did not update your blog? how are you doing?

    • 9lin says:

      Hello Boss! 🙂 i’m doing alright for my first 3 months. but still alot to learn la… learning never can be enough one. Takes time to update blog. soon soon. want to upload my blog. but left my cable in kl.. laptop old. no bluetooth. ehehe. How’s business for you? 🙂

  2. Ignatius says:

    Business is fine…….. Group is getting bigger and they are doing well. Nice to see the team grow. Now Khai Ling has become “big sister” in the team.

  3. 9lin says:

    Yes, happy to know that Harward is doing well. haha.. Khai Ling has always been my great pillar! 🙂

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