Falling Down

Last night I was playing bball with my bball buddies, and apparently i tripped over probbaly my own footing, ramp into Huilin and fall flat down on knee n then follows by my shoulder before my cheek have a good kiss with the floor. (i was running that fast). Funny thing is, all the years i play ball, I always fall butt down, almost never face forward like this.


I was thinking about my fall when i was telling Yien, (I forgot if i told you la yien or i had it in my mind), I kinda forgotten how it felt like having to fall like this but it felt nice. When we are young, we have no problems falling down and getting back up. But along the way, as we get older, we realised that we hate falling down even more. Maybe because our friends will laugh at us. (well it’s funny la sometimes..) A week or two back, I fell on my butt after a stool at a restaurant decided not to carry me and break. (My friend-no names mention asked for permission to laugh out loud, i permitted) oh well..

Specially when we are an adult now, falling down is like the BIGGEST humiliation. May be physical, may be emotional, may be career, may be family.. whatever la..how come hoh?

For me, once a while falling down is fine…i think. as long as we get up again.. we learn new things. like today, thinking back on my fall last night, I think i learn the value of friendship…

Ecclesiastes 4:10
If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!

Last night, Huilin hugged me up, the rest of the buddies, look on my way watching/ “cheering” me to get up. I do have other friends during different ares in my life that had done that and I much appreciate you guys!

What do you think bout falling down?


One Response to Falling Down

  1. TMOT says:

    falling down is like a restart of life before achieving something again.
    ur already down. where else can u go. no where but up again.
    i fell hard during a game too. limped for 3 weeks. falling face down too. injured my right knee real bad.
    by the grace of God, i have faith and trust in him. i stay strong, i pray. the holy spirit healed me.

    im back up. and doing sports again.

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