A story of a boy.

Hey guys,

I’m back in Kuching for 3 days now and 3 more weeks before I leave again. Things had been up and down for me. But over all still blessed.

I was a little discouraged yesterday and the side effect showed till today apparently. Well, it’s not sales la. Maybe just something for me to think about moving forward of my career. I was a great discouragement it seems to spur something in me again.

My aunt saw me and came saw me and share a story of a boy with me. She said,

There’s this one little boy who stays with his mum by the beach. He needed to find ways to earn some cash to pay for his school things. So, his mum said, “each day, if you help me to sweep the floor, i’ll give u 20 cents.” Obviously that wasn’t alot of money. But he took it anyway. He is again thinking of ways to get more cash.

His mum suggested that maybe if he would pick up really nice sea shells and paint them, maybe he can sell it for $20 a piece since it’s a tourism area and the shell and paints itself do not cost much. But for sure some days or months he will not be able to sell any and still have to “open stall” each day for long hours, pick nice shells and paint them.

If you are the little boy, what will you do?

My aunt ended this story saying this:

Story behind this is that, sales is like that too. Maybe every 20 people you meet, you close 1. Like the boy, if he paints everyday, his creativity gets better and his painting gets nicer, he gets to sell more but he have to pick nice shells, open stall and paint everyday to get better. So for you, maybe as you get better, every 10 you meet, 1 buy… and the first number gets smaller. BUT, everyday you must go out there and sell.

I guess, for wadever we do, not only in sales, but in any career that you try to build, keep doing what you need to do correctly helps… Just thought it’s a good story to share..

Just had pork leg rice yesterday. It’s yummy. πŸ˜›


4 Responses to A story of a boy.

  1. ciyeng says:

    nice…i love this story.. and the open ending.. =D

  2. carissa says:

    Hey 9lin, still keeping u in prayers! :))

    if i were the boy, i would continue picking the shells and painting them and hopefully as I paint with much effort and faith, the painting skills will get better and someday whoever who stops by and purchase the seashells will begin to see real art from it and from there spread words about what I do. and it goes on and on and then become rich! yay!

    hang on to what you do okie? U’re not alone! And i still owe you from the water boiler. teehee! totally forgot! my bad! give it to u when i see u next! have fun back home!

    love u a lot! :)))

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