The Edge Malaysia- Personal Money

Read something on the edge malaysia- personal money May 2009. One article caught me by Tho Li Ming the title : Can you afford to fall ill- As inflation rises, Malaysians need to set up a medical fund, especially for their old age…

somewhere along the article mentioned:

1. Malaysia medical inflation rate in recent years has been between 10% and 15% per annum

2. a treatment for leukaemia sets back at RM250,000 without guarantee of cure. A cancer survivor spent RM13,000 for treatment when 1st diagnosed, then RM60,000 when lapsed again plus RM1,500 monthly for medications..

It scares me…Do grab a copy n read more bout it. Or you can borrow my copy or please talk to me…

love u guys.


2 Responses to The Edge Malaysia- Personal Money

  1. Ignatius says:

    hahahaha Trying to tell more medical policy? Joking……….

    • 9lin says:

      hahah…Yes, in fact. just to share knowledge.. as for you, I’m worry for you ar! I have to pray very hard to convince my company to insure you le… 😛 hehe…

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