WA Retreat 09

Had a great long weekend just away at a mountain… Being in around God’s people and being refreshed by God’s truth, nothing can compare to that. I had also had chance to catch up with some leaders that I didn’t have the chance to on usual days and some other friends whom I don’t normally meet in church. I’m amazed by how we just blend into each others conversation and lives getting to know each other so easily. Maybe this is called- a spiritual family.

I spoken to a young successful businesswoman who lead a team of 9 in an event company. I remember hearing her testimony about how she had honour God and stood against taking or giving bribe to win a project. Yes, she have lost some but God had blessed her even more just by her faithfulness.

She gave me some pointers as I started a new journey of my career. She shared 3 points:

  1. persevere, don’t give up
  2. be detailed, careful for everything that you need to do,
  3. (this is the one she emphasized on so much) Be generous, keep giving, DON’T rob God. TITHE! she went on sharing with me she tithe rounding- UP the cents and dollars rather than rounding down and how she decide how much to give for offering each week.

I’m encouraged.amazed.inspired


One Response to WA Retreat 09

  1. Happy says:

    lol. heard the last point in sermon a few weeks ago. 🙂

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