Healthy to be in pain…

I was refering to exercises and muscle aches that I have been having in Kuching… The pain…lOvE it!

Let’s see what I did in a short 2 weeks:

  • Walk the trackmill once for an hour once
  • Got sunburned playing  baby bball in the sun on Saturday morning
  • Played indoor on Saturday night
  • Muscle hurt for next 3 days after that
  • Joint a 1st-class-free FizFit Core Strength Class here. Highly Recommended!
  • Upper body hurts, had problem turning the wheel while driving!
  • Looking forward for tomorrow night’s bball session
  • Looking forward for an abs tonning marathon from laughin tomorrow night with my friends over my place
  • Looking forward for aNOTHER bball session Sunday afternoon

A BIG sign note: God have been REALLY Good….


10 Responses to Healthy to be in pain…

  1. Happy says:

    wa wa wa!! u ppl play so byk bball!! i also want! haha

  2. Happy says:

    i was there.. did u see me? haha

  3. Happy says:

    of course have to be spooky abit ma. hahahaha.
    i nvr got the chance to ask.. whats ur new job? working from home? jadi boss sendiri? ehehehe.

    • 9lin says:

      Miss having u around shouting at us in the court 😛
      my new job? i’ve joined my mum in the insurance field trying to build my career out of it. may be tough for my first 2-3 years.. but it’s ok… It’s friends like you all in my midst that made it easier for each stress to be taken off in the court 🙂 can tell u more when you come back.. IF you come back..

      • Anonymous says:

        shouting?? Why do i always shout ho. Lol. Thats d one thing i cant do here. I guess shoutin in court has always been a way for me to get my mind of things for a bit. Lol. But no such chance here. I havent touched a bball for about 4 months. Gosh…
        Wad lo.. I will be back. But ur in kl also. So prolly wont see u also lar. Am i right? Haha.

      • 9lin says:

        I’ll be back to Kuching pretty often for this season. So, at least give me a rough date/month that you may be back.. to see if i’ll be in kch at that time.

  4. Happy says:

    hahaha.. nah, not going back so soon. will be back mid next year i suppose cause visa expires then and prolly take the chance to go back instead of gettin a bridgin visa lo.

  5. Happy says:

    hmm.. i wont be back anytime soon though.. will have to wait till i finish my course mi next year. 😛

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