Simple Questions, Heavy thoughts…

The greatest way to live our life is to spend it for something that will outlast it!

The things you do or say, does it echos for eternity?

Are you living a legacy of folly or a legacy of faith?

These questions stuck to me for more than 24 hours…and counting…


4 Responses to Simple Questions, Heavy thoughts…

  1. summerartic says:

    sigh… these are the exact same questions i’ve been asking myself in the past couple of days. it’s what make me chang thru…..

  2. Anonyms says:

    Will outlast..looking back of wat i did in my life till now.Nothing seems to have an outlast purpose.

    Dunno where shud start also…sigh!~

  3. 9lin says:

    hey Summerartic: Investing in lives, investing in the Kingdom as it had been invested upon us…. that is what that chang me thru too..

    Hi Anonymous: it’s never too late to start… i’ve learnt this “blessed are those who give than to receive”… Be a blessing to the people around you. Let me know how it go…

  4. 9lin says:

    To all…. I’m still learning too… I’m still thinking of the question…..echos for eternity…just grips me..

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