Yesterday was at centrepoint and heard a loud screaming voice of a lady. Turned around, she was chasing after a motorcyle which i later learnt had snatched her sling bag off from her bicycle basket. She was shaking and crying when I went over to her to see if she’s ok. I offered her a ride to the police station and later sent her to her friend’s house.

I remembered my conversation with my colleagues just last week when she said on her personal experience, passer-by just stood there to watch and unable to know what to do… and I was there, i was too far to chase after the thieves. Only another lady who went to the girl when i was with her to offer her a ride also. The rest of the men, they stood, they looked, they saw us, they walked away…Where is a simple, “are you ok?”

I thank God that the student is unhurt. but a good sum of money was snatched which suppose to be her school fees…

What is your experience?


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