Redang….Beautiful Redang…Pt2

Lesson’s learnt in Redang~

I did something remarkable at this trip… is to take a 1 hour swim into the sea (with life jacket of cos) and round a “tanjung” (as picture) with another 2 great conquerors.

What Learnt:

1. An adventure started with somebody’s desire and then seconded by another and then thirdly, people who wants to join along the adventure. In this little adventure that we had, i was the 3rd category…Without them, I wouldn’t have thought of doing that swim at all!

2. This swim really had build us as a team. We waited for each other, assured each other and motivate each other… team-  Without them I would have turned back when the current was rough…

3. Although we swam into each other so much kicking and banging into each other, but each of us made adjustments to stop knocking into each other and continue the swim. Nobody got offended. I feel in life as teams are built we will get knocked and maybe offended… but most important is the end goal have to be clear and reconciliation is needed.

4. Finishing the swim/ the adventure together as a team is much more meaningful… fulfilling, and have the “you’ve made it” feeling… it feels great! i big high 5 at the end was great!


Thank you Jorhan and Cindy for not leaving me out there in the sea eaten by sharks! 😛


3 Responses to Redang….Beautiful Redang…Pt2

  1. e3b says:

    The shaeks wont eat u one la….i only manage to saw 1-2 sharks….T_T..*sad *sad*

    • 9lin says:

      I saw one only. look like sultan fish on the chinese dinner table 😛 i saw nemo…the yellow fishes.. the blue fishes…the rainbow colour fishes…. wah!!! u should see the BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG fishes we saw at the tip of the “tanjung”…

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