Friends and Update

Last couple of weeks that I had disappeared from blogging basically because I was making a difference… in some people’s lives…

  • Did one-2-one with a campus girl who is discovering God all over again. I’m trilled!
  • Celebrated an early birthday for a friend by appearing in front of her gate with 3 more other girls who made a difference in this friend’s heart. There were tears in her eyes. Friendship counts…
  • Drove all the way to Serdang with a different  3 girls who made a difference in one friend’s live by attending her basketball competition
  • 22022009

  • Watched a midnight pink panther with Han and 2 friends. It’s great spending time and making new friends.
  • Had our bi-weekly campus leaders meeting at Alex’s, it is always great to be refreshed by those younger chaps that always brighten the day.
  • Did a session of relationship 101 for Campus Friends KDU college for their Hostel Break-in event with another 3 facilitators. Around 30+ students were blessed.
  • 26022009_001

  • Valentine Vibe part 3 done by Alex is brilliant! Almost 40 campus students were blessed!
  • Had a Sunday lunch with Han, Bro, Jill and baby K. Was a good catching up.
  • 01032009


Happy birthday, Pearl for being a friend that you have been. The below card is something you gave me years back. I saw it again during CNY when I was back in Kuching. You too deserve the cup! 🙂


Happy birthday Jaevon, I believe God have a greater plan and is wanting to bless you mighty-ly!


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