My First Time…

…. to watch a REAL theater musical 🙂 frogway1.jpg It was really groovy as said and really have the sense of humour. It was a good way to end my tired and frustrating day on Monday.

I know.. i don’t look like a person who watch musical.. in theater…local musical.. AND it may just be a start that I might watch more 🙂 The reason I watch this is because…. a good friend/happy feet of mine and her sister are the CAST!  I really enjoy the show because the cast truly did a good job making the show good…The songs….awesome…

There’s Ina (helen the fish), Marielle (the frogette), Vince (Eddy the frog) Ash Nair (Toad-Eddy’s best friend) in the photos. Didn’t manage get pictures with Harith, Eileen, Chelsia and Mr. Thor tho…

14.jpg 22.jpg


A great friend whom is my first girl dance partner on a stage of men… the one who kick-started my dance journey in KL, in ECF. My roommate during my “come-back” in my Christian journey in the church camp making it meaningful for me…Just want to honour her for watching my back all the time, covering my “undone” choreography, putting a smile in my dance life and a sense of humour on the dance floor. I thank you, Ina. You were amazing! Continue to be the light in your industry, you are chosen for a reason…



 A young 14 years old, whom dare to step out to make a difference in everywhere she step forth her foot. Marielle, you are the light of your generation, remember that.. You are NEVER too young to be something you are called to be. I’m so proud of you…




Hey guys.. if you have never watch a musical in your whole life, this one is really worth watching. You Don’t miss FROGWAY….

Show details: 23-29 and 31 Aug, and 1 Sept 2007: 8.30pm
25,26 August and 1,2 September: 3pm
Venue: Actor’s Studio, Bangsar Shopping Centre
Tickets: RM100, RM80, RM60
*15% discount on Monday and Tuesday.
*50% off full ticket prices for students and senior citizens.(Only one discount applies)
*RM2 Axcess Ticketing Fee applies
Tel: 03 2094 0400
Contact Us:

One Response to My First Time…

  1. Su Leen says:

    Nai Lin! My first time visiting your blog!

    I really love your updates and pictures….

    Hang in there, the working world is not that scary. Just be your usual cleber and EXCELLENT self, that will speak the loudest for you. 🙂

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