Grace changes everything

October 23, 2014

“…There’s no sin too great
There’s no pain too deep
The cross declares it is done
There’s no shame too real
That His love won’t heal
Forever the victory is won”.

Have you gone through life thinking you can’t forgive yourself for something you have done?

or not being able to forgive the pain and hurt somebody had imprinted in your life?

Have you done something that you are so ashamed of?

I sure have… this song ministered to me…Hope it does the same for you. indeed our sin, pain and shame had been gain victory because of what Jesus did on the cross for us. It should have been us, but He did it for you and I.




January 13, 2014

you are only responsible TO the person not FOR the person. Everybody have their own burden to carry.-bounderies

How to sell a creative idea

November 19, 2013

Taken from

We’ve all had that cringe-worthy board room feeling. Your heart is pounding. Your palms are clammy and your mouth is dry.

It’s time to pitch your big idea, and you need the rest of the team (or at even higher stakes, a client) to get on board.

In a stagnant or competitive environment, innovative ideas are the best path to growth. Yet because these new paths are unfamiliar and untraditional, they can be perceived as being too “risky.”

To combat the inevitable haters and naysayers, I’ve listed a couple of go-to strategies to help your biggest, baddest ideas succeed.


If your goal is to land a major account with a long-term relationship, how can you help everyone else visualize that specific goal? For instance, instead of promising an improvement in growth or profits, can you spell it out more explicitly? Can you create a clear image of what the future could look like a year from now? What does the company look like? What does the staffing and customer list look like? How about showing what your sales figures might look like in the year 2020?


The biggest mistake I see is selling an untraditional idea with intangible evidence and ephemeral claims. Abstractions like “word-of-mouth” aren’t enough by themselves. By removing as many variables as possible, and eliminating unknowns, you demonstrate control. Surround your idea with as much information as possible, including timelines, anticipated costs, potential partners. Hypothetical is okay at this stage, but be as specific as possible. “But look how cool it is” isn’t a strategy.


Substantiate your ideas with case studies. Build evidence and create parallels. Ideally this validation will come from your own experience or your business. 


Demonstrate how bigger trends (such as the aging of the population, or the rise of tech expenses, or increased risk in urban areas) substantiate your point. Then, demonstrate how your proposal tracks alongside these bigger trends.


Often, the person you’re presenting to will have to get buy-in from someone else in the decision-making process. Help them do this by giving them the tools to sell it. When assembling a presentation, make sure that it can stand on its own without you, so that the person you’re selling to has the tools to defend it to other decision makers.

Today, the opposite of risk isn’t security. The opposite of risk is getting run over by a big truck filled with the shipment of status quo while you dawdle in the middle of the road hesitating on a game-winning strategy.

When does that risk start paying off? Tell us about your riskiest proposal, and how you tapped in to your Triggers to get your team on board.

Sept 2013 accounts

October 8, 2013

This blog is to remind me how faithful Jesus is in my life

  • Took a wrong turn and was on my way to Spore with a blinking petrol tank. Worse still, it was Jam on both sides of the traffic. God was faithful that we made it into Spore and pump just enough fuel to get back out after work. Oh… had a SGD 2 rebate. 🙂
  • Found that laptop warranty over by a month when needed to replace a hardware. Was told that it needed 2 weeks to send the parts and need to pay RM 100 to send someone over to fix it. God was faithful in sending the parts in 3 days and my occasional visited computer shop fixed it for me for free.
  • Hurt my back just because of a sneeze. Went to the hospital for a jab, xray and chose not to admit into hospital. I really thought i was a hero! I was in bed for a good full 4 days but later in bed for 2+1 weeks with limited travelling. God was faithful in not paralyzing me and brought me to a cheaper, effective physio and lots of rest and i didn’t need to drop out from my company’s China Trip
  • I couldn’t work for 3 -4 weeks due to my back as i can’t drive much. Thus i have no income generated due to the nature of my work. God was faithful that i didn’t lose my job and had enough for monthly commitments.
  • My samsung somewhat slip off my hand n cracked the screen. Was told they need 2 days to fix. God was faithful in letting me fix in 2 hours but at full cost of RM 500+
  • My car was stopped by the police at 3AM when was coming back from sending the students back from the hospital. Caught for: having 6 people in the car. God was faithful when we decided not to give in to bribe. How we got off: the police car that stop us did not have the ticket book with them. Hilarious but true. 
  • Car got tow for illegal parking (serve me right). God was faithful that i paid the ticket for “rayuan” price.
  • 2 of My car tyre were flatten by suspected employees from Giant. Having one spare tyre just didn’t cut it at that time. God was faithful that it was just out of air, no replacement of tyres needed. Bro drives the same car as me to come to my rescue.
  • My flight to China had my worst turbulence experience. It was as good as 6 flags (exaggerated)!!! With sounding and blinking fasten seat belt sign, people screaming and falling food items. 3 drops…. God was faithful that it was just a turbulence and a safe trip.

For all the inconvenience and extra cost that i had to endure through. God sure did saved me more money than that. Just imagine how much more do i have to spend if it wasn’t for his faithfulness… Some ask me how did i response to all that that happened. Yes, a little frustrated entering the 3rd week of rest and restless because i am someone who cannot stay still at home… but i was not blaming anyone and i was calm. I think i realise what it means to be still know that He is God.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever… FAITHFUL!

He too send me family and friends to care, support and love me.

Waving goodbye to 2012

December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas,

There was a prompting today to look back on this blog. A blog that had upgraded much that i barely know how to use it anymore. This blog had charted my early days of working life. A blog that had trailed my life adventures when there were much curiosity, excitement and naive ignorance. A blog that express the hugging on THIS Hope to make an impact to the people around me, the Hope that accelerate me to make a difference in what I do.

Today, i re-read some of my writings and how it had evolved and how uninteresting it had became. It has now been a library of summary of books i read or notes to remember. Not because my life had been less interesting, but the level of curiosity, excitement and naive ignorance are different.

I did a quick comparison on my thanksgiving list written on Christmas 2009 with 2012. Some moments are similar, some areas had broaden, some areas had shrunk, some had subtracted, some had added and some moments are different. Many situations are different. Many relationships and friendships are different. Many schedules, roles and expectations are different.

But one thing remains…

…the way i hug on THIS one hope that never wavers. Thank you Jesus for coming to give hope to the hopeless. You are the reason we celebrate today. And i can’t thank you enough for accepting and not giving up on this package of me…

This song is for you guys. May 2013 be a year we continue to put hope on Him…

ps: i hope the song is attached… like i said, i don’t really know how wordpress works anymore. IF it doesn’t, just you tube : You Still Love by Relent.

I wish Insurance is…

July 10, 2012

I wish Insurance is cute, so those who like cute things will scream when sees it.
I wish Insurance is cool, so those who are cool and steady are interested in it.

I wish Insurance is pretty and beautiful, so heads will turn and want to check it out.
I wish Insurance is sweet, so people will melt when sees it
I wish Insurance bring adrenaline rush like “Diablo”, so those who like kicks can have a taste of it.

Too bad Insurance isn’t any of that to make people fascinated about.

But I think;

Insurance is cute if everybody brings me condolences and someone bringing my family a cheque of future assurance sheepishly

Insurance is cool when I could have been scattering around looking for money for my medical fees.

Insurance is pretty and beautiful when a daughter’s eyes are in tears thanking that their parents for making her dream come through.

Insurance is sweet when a husband leaves behind his continuing promise of love rather than debts.

Insurance is the adrenaline rush when you can’t wait to break the news to your family that everybody in your family is going to your eldest son’s graduation overseas.

Insurance is your own desired future written sequencing from the decision you make today.

Written by Kong Nai Lin (4 July 2012)

After Sydney 2007 testimony

April 27, 2012

I was cleaning my room and throwing out papers that i haven’t read in a long time and found a testimony that i shared after my sydney, Hillsong trip in 2007 ( this shows i really KEEP things !) I thought it’s good to remind myself everytime God spoke… So… here it is…

That night when i landed in KL, my check in luggage got lost. With the different drama that was happening, God spoke to me… ” you are suppose to bring back the fire and excitement of My presence and word. Not the excitement of gifts in that bag…” So, to cut the story short, i got my luggage back the next day. and here’s is what God had asked me to bring back…

Have you ever felt the piercing in your heart when you are hurt? THat was exactly how i felt during a good 30 mins in one of the session when the Speaker spoke bout being an armour bearer. 1 sam 14:7- Whatever you decide, i’m with you completely…” it hurts me cos i felt the hurt of my pastors/ leaders heart when i imagine myself happily in my comfort zone not wanting to budge when they are giving God their ” whatever it takes” for our generation.

The speaker went on by saying “God gives Pastors dreams and visions for the church. and we, the church/the bearer/ the pillar are called to close the gap of our Pastor’s vision that is given by God,”

Who our pastors do not need are: 

  1. people who are full of their own opinion and comments
  2. Ministries/ lifegroups that do not run in the same vision as the church
  3. people who are ignorant/ indifferent
  4. people who are mere talkers- God do no delight in those who do not fulfill their vows

 Who our pastors need are people who: 

  1. own and serve the vision
  2. with a big heart to give and build the church together
  3. are responsible and reliable
  4. eat, sleep, talk, think, pray the vision
  5. people who will say “whatever you decide, i am with you completely”

These are the armour bearers…Armour bearers knows which weapon to use when they go out for battle.

Last year (2006), my next level was obedience. A lot of steps of growth and aligning of my life and attitude is because of obedience. I will do it, no questions asked… but i will do minimal. I was doing out of responsibility and not commitment. I felt God pierced so hard in my heart that  i knew being an armour bearer is my this year “next level”.  It is not out of convenience , but commitment 

The word had challenged me, and i want to challenge all of u sitting in this house to ponder  together :

– are you running towards the same vision as this house which you call YOUR church?
– are your heartbeats beating together with pastors?
– are you the armour bearer to our pastor/ leaders?
– can you look into our pastors/ leaders eyes and tell them, “pastor, i want to be your armour bearer, whatever you decide, i’m with you completely?” 

The next morning, in the conference , Pastor Tim so happen to sit next to me . After the word, I humble myself before God and repent. Then , i turned to Pastor with tears in my eyes and that was exactly what i said to Pastor Tim.

Can i just encourage you tonight? Go to our pastors, and leaders.. encourage them by telling them you want to be an armour bearer. But make sure u mean them!